The Art of the Seamless Surface

What is Granicrete™?

Granicrete is a polymer modified concrete resurfacing system for interior or exterior counter tops, floors and more!

The unique characteristics of our system is that we are only limited by our imagination, if you can imagine it, we can create it. Unlike other resurfacing systems, we encourage our clients to be involved in the creative design of their project. Although not required, many clients enjoy this part of the process the most.

Our highly talented team of designers, artists, craftsmen and installers work closely as a team to ensure amazing results everytime!

Often our systems, which are designed to resurface rather than replace, can minimize cost, time and inconvenience on a project. As well, Granicrete is used for new construction in addition to being an excellent alternative for remodeling.

In addition to the above benefits, in many cases, resurfacing with a seamless surface has been proven to increase the market appeal and value of either your home or business.

Durability and elegance are then supported with superior performance. All of our resurfacing systems are well recognized for achieving this. Our counters are tested stronger than granite! Our flooring resurfacing tests stronger than concrete! Such holds true to our other systems as well.

Our surfacing systems are eco-friendly, as you minimize the impact of waste disposal, of irreplaceable natural resources and additional energy consumed in new fabrication. The carbon footprint for our resurfacing is minimal compared to that of replacement. You would be interested to know that Granicrete uses recycled resources in many of our systems.

Some Examples

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