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John Deere Commercial Project

Catch this 9,500 square foot commercial floor overlay done by Granicrete Minnesota with supervision by Granicrete International at Ag Power, John Deere. Granicrete International products are high performing and durable for commercial applications.

Granicrete Training Overview

Granicrete is all about training. Our training materials are comprehensive and written for the novice to understand and to challenge those with experience. Our training seminars engage you in the actual application process. Our classes are from 1-3 days as necessary for you to have grasped the training curriculum.

Our class sizes are kept to a limit to enhance the instruction process. You will receive individual assistance from your instructor. Yes, you will get your hands dirty as you go through the steps of installation. The sample boards you make will have covered all the elements for successful installation. It is our goal that you come out of training with confidence to move forward.

Granicrete Training Overview

Why do our sealers make a world of difference in the investment you make?

  • You want your finished project to remain great looking for years, for decades to come.
  • You want to be sure that you are not tied down in cleaning and maintaining the finish. Our products are designed to endure and be easily cleaned with your common pH neutral cleaner. No need for acids, ammonia, or any other such harsh chemical.

Granicrete Concrete Countertops

Why Granicrete and Aurastone for your countertops?

  • The engineering behind our product for the incredible bonding to your existing countertop surfaces is fundamental for success in resurfacing and your long-term enjoyment.
  • Your installer, with the skills developed from our training will be able to do your one-of-a-kind custom finish.
  • The final result will be elegance, luxury, and a fraction of the cost.
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